How To Send Exe Files Through Email

In this post we are going talk about how to send exe files in mail.G-mail is the best email service in the world.Hence security is a prime concern for Google because email content all kinds of confidential data & files which could be used against the user. To maintain the integrity of G-mail. Google has a great security filter which scans your attachments for malicious contents. But this security sometime prevents us from doing something like sending exe as attachment (executable filesl).hence,We get an error like below screen shot.

how to send exe files via gmail


Here we are about to find how to send exe file through mail Using Several method

Method 1

we are sharing a tip on bypassing the Gmail attachment filter by Renaming the extension of files like if you have a file named as should Rename that file as vlc.jpg or any allowed file extension by Google. You can also change the extension of your files from .exe to .Doc. xlc etc.. But Don’t forget to mention in the mail for renaming the file. Hence receiving party come to know the change in file extension.

 Method 2

  •     In this method, we are bypassing the g mail with the help of third party application called as WINRAR. You can download winrar from here. Once you have installed winrar archive in your system. Now it’s time to Compress the file. Gmail doesn’t look into an archive file as RAR which gives you feasibility to send across the world with no further process. Once you have correctly done your above process then you’re ready to select your file for attachments.



The second Archive method lets you send any kind of files via gmail. Without being concerned about the criticality of file extensions & user involvement. I hope this post how to send exe files by email helps you to get rid of irritating gmail filter. Don’t Forget to leave your feedback in the below field.


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