Best Cloud Storage 2014 Reviews

Today I will talk about Best Cloud Storage 2014.Since we are in 22nd century we are very much rely on technology like internet.It get your work done from your home or office in just a couple of clicks.But the momentum of technology is growing at amazing speed from last couple of years.There are couple of services which comes & goes out of business but their are certain services which change the rule of game like cloud computing does.Cloud computing started in 2007 & get popular among people in no time.Cloud services not just let you stored your files Or data online But they gives your some mind boggling feature at amazing can also check out here how to combine cloud storage accounts into one.

Here,we are going to review best cloud storage 2014 services which make you lose your pain of carrying drives. We are reviewing all these services based on their feature, rate, accessibility along with easy to use UI & social integration as well.

List of Best Cloud Storage 2014 For Pictures & Documents

Google Drive – After The success of Gmail & android.Google wants to lead the market of cloud storage they are offering all around storage with whopping 15GB of FREE storage which seamlessly integrates with the Google+ & android devices. You can practically upload any king of files including audio, video, photos, compress or documents. Plus documents & spreed sheets don’t take any space which is one more plus point of this service. Additional Storage has always been taken as the rate for $4.99 for months. You can also check best cloud storage 2014 for photos  plans details here.

best cloud storage 2014 for photos & documents
Drop-box - Drop Box is pioneer of cloud storage.Dropbox kind of market leader in cloud storage services.DropBox user support,storage capacity & other promotional things works like charm for them.Drop Box is available for all kind of platforms like android,blackberry & IOS as can upload almost any kind of files.Drop Box got fair amount of attention because of their easy to use interface & seamless integration with hardware which helps in pulling superb performance.Initially drop box offer 2GB of storage & addition storage can be get either by referring friends Or by can always check more drop-box plans here.

best cloud storage 2014

SkyDrive – This cloud storage services comes from the pack of Microsoft offer 7 GB of FREE initial storage & you can them for more but at the cost of plans.Sky drive has lot of storage planes which not just offer all feasibility feature Or reliability but also gives you the trust of can check out SkyDrive plans here for more details.Sky drive is better alternative for windows user because it offer automatic sync feature for all windows device in no drive support all most all kind of files which let you share video,audio,photos and of course documents as well.

best cloud storage for photos and music

iCloud-This Cloud service comes from the thing different tagline i.e APPLE.This service comes with 5GB free storage.This service mainly targets the all apple users which want to links their all devices in one network. You can always buy more storage plans. Check out ICLOUD plans here. Another feature is quite same from other cloud services.

best online storage sites free

SugarSync – Sugarsync is the last member of our best cloud storage 2014.Many Expert & I personally like sugar-sync most.Sugarsync not just offering all conventional feature like extra storage,easy sync,seamless integration but also offer you the encryption which i thing is most important for you once your data up their in cloud.Sugar sync comparatively is quite new rival in cloud computing market.So many people has believe that other will catch up them soon But for a time being they are the most amazing cloud service provider in the world.Of course you can upload all files & sync all your devices with the sugar SYNC.They are also available in all other i would suggest go for it and build you can check out the SugerSync plans here for more details


best cloud storage for photos


Conclusion- Moral of the story is you have all details , rates & feature list in your hand. Now it’s time for your decision.I hope this post helps you in selected Best Cloud Storage 2014 for photos.For any suggestion & feedback you can comment below.


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